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Innovative street plays educate site workers on issues surrounding HIV AIDS.

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First aid training for site workers.

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Education of female workers at Medicity site, Gurgaon.

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Life Enrichment programme story

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HIV awareness

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Tackling living conditions

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Site safety

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Programme Milestones

  • 2007 Punj Lloyd was awarded as the first corporate in India to fund the Indo-US initiative for HIV/AIDS.
  • 2008 The International Finance Corporation (IFC) in Washington became a grant partner for Phase II of the programme.
  • 2008 The Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) extended strong support to enable Phase II to roll out across three of its refinery sites.
  • 2008 The programme was referenced in the National AIDS Control Organisation (NACO) policy document, 'HIV intervention and migrants'.
  • 2010 Phase II of the programme was independently evaluated by the Population Council, New Delhi, against a control group. The report noted significant improvements in knowledge about safety, hygiene, health and sexually-transmitted infections (see table).

Programme Milestones


Medicity, Gurgaon

Period of interventions: 14 months

Site workers reached: 2000

Peer Educators trained: 60

Ambassadors trained: 10

OPD cases: 705

Dental Screening: 104

Voluntary HIV tests: 22


Naphtha Cracker site Panipat Refinery
Hydrocracker Unit Haldia Refinery Delayed Coker LPG Merox Unit Vadodara Refinery

Period of interventions: 9-12 months

Site workers reached: 3,293

Peer Educators trained: 150

Ambassadors trained: 50

OPD cases: 4,804

Dental treatments: 1,542

Voluntary HIV tests: 1,070


CDSP, MRPL Mangalore Refinery
Cuddalore Refinery
Cracker Furnace, Dahej

Period of interventions: 10-12 months

Site workers reached: 3,283

Punj Lloyd staff members reached: 297

Peer Educators trained: 90

Peer Coordinators trained: 30

Ambassadors trained: 20

OPD cases: 294