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The Dayawanti Punj Model School, Sitamarhi.

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Girls in class at the Dayawanti Punj Model School.

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Student teachers from the Dayawanti Punj Training Institute.

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A patient receives treatment at the 24 hour hospital in Sitamarhi.

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Women queue to receive solar lanterns in Sitamarhi.

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A Taanka provides water to villagers in Bap, Rajasthan.

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Education of female workers at Medicity site, Gurgaon.

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Punj Lloyd's ARTIGER, a project to save endangered Royal Bengal tigers.

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Mr Punj addresses the IDF 2012 audience.

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Employees plant samplings as part of the Million Trees Gurgaon campaign.

Atul Punj,
Chairman, Punj Lloyd Group

Since Punj Lloyd's inception over twenty years ago we have placed great emphasis on balancing the priorities of business with those of society. Our Corporate Responsibility initiatives are a reflection of this and we constantly strive to find new ways to have a positive impact on our workers, the communities around us, and within society.

Punj Lloyd builds. It's what we do.

For our clients that means managing construction for the energy and infrastructure sectors. For our employees and the communities we work in, it means a commitment to build a better now and a brighter future, with integrity, and for the long term.

Responsible practices have been part of our business since we took our first contract in 1989. And our commitment to integrity, quality, and the community has become ever more important as we have grown.

The community activities and responsible initiatives we undertake are rooted in our people, our skills, and our expertise - from developing our flagship Life Enrichment programme which acts to improve the daily lives of our site workers, to utilising our infrastructure experience to construct a world-class school in rural UP, to supporting dialogue around public infrastructure design as part of our partnership with the India Design Forum.

  • Solar lanterns distributed to 650 families in Sitamarhi in our village development programme
  • Punj Lloyd inaugurates 10 taankas, one community library and sports club in Bap, Rajasthan
  • 300 saplings donated by Punj Lloyd employees to 'iamgurgaon' for the Million Trees Gurgaon campaign