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The library at Dayawanti Punj Model School.

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Boys playing Kho Kho at Dayawanti Punj Model School.

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Teacher training facility in Sitamarhi.

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ISB campus at Mohali is designed to meet the LEED Gold sustainability criteria, with energy-efficient fixtures, rain water harvesting, maximised day lighting and passive environmental controls.

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Art students in the Bal Bhavan Sitamarhi.

Atul Punj at the Press announcement

Atul Punj at the Press announcement of the new campus at ISB Mohali, where Punj Lloyd is a Founder Supporter.

Chairman Atul Punj at the inauguration of ISB

Chairman Atul Punj at the inauguration of ISB, Mohali by Union Minister of Finance, P Chidambaram, along with Punjab CM, Parkash Singh Badal.

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Craftsmen Training Institute at Banmore, Madhya Pradesh, India


Stiching class in Bal Bhavan


Handicraft of ice cream wooden spoons made by Bal Bhavan students.

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Building a model school

Building a model school

Student life

Student life

Teaching and learning

Teaching and learning

Craftsmen Training Institute

Craftsmen Training Institute

Bal Bhavan

Bal Bhavan

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All photo stories


Inadequate education opportunities not only perpetuate the cycle of poverty for a large proportion of India’s population, but also act as major barriers to progress and nation building. Corporate companies have begun to play a valuable role in providing new opportunities at all levels, and we are ardently committed to this cause.

At Punj Lloyd, we aim to provide targeted, quality interventions that create a high level of impact on those who benefit.

The Dayawanti Punj Model School we developed in rural Uttar Pradesh is evidence of this. Rather than providing basic education to children from local villages, we aimed to create a centre of excellence with top level facilities that could develop a future leader in every child we educate.

In the same village we also established the Dayawanti Punj Training Institute affiliated to the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) to develop quality teaching staff for schools in the area and around the country.

Within the construction industry we identified a significant training gap for skilled and semi-skilled labourers. This prompted us to create a Craftsmen Training Institute located in Banmore, Madhya Pradesh. The institute trains workers in a number of crafts, not only to work at Punj Lloyd’s sites, but as a skilled resource for the whole industry.

And even at the top level in our industry we aimed to tackle a major skill gap for business management graduates in the infrastructure field. This inspired our partnership with the Indian School of Business (ISB) and led to the creation of the Punj Lloyd Institute for Physical Infrastructure Management at Mohali.